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Designing for healthcare: Blueetooth-connected injectors

Project Overview

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High-risk patients often need to track times, days, dosages and even locations in the body when they inject. Aidaptus is a Bluetooth-connected injector that administers life-saving medicine, helping patients track medicine usage and dosage.

The injector comes with a companion app that bridges the gap between injectors and patients, theaching them how to inject their medicine safely, as well as offering instant feedback and reporting of problems.

As a Lead Product Designer at Tappable, I was tasked with designing and adapting the companion app for Aidaptus from an older prototype draft the client had.

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App Features

​​This app comes packed with a variety of features that make it easier for patients of all ages to administer syringe-based medication:

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Bluetooth-connected hardware with dosage indicator

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Medication stock & dosage management

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Management of medicine administration schedules

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Health & Safety education

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Step-by-step illustrated guide on how to inject

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What to do if something goes wrong

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Settings to personalise individual treatment

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From idea to prototype in weeks

The Challenges

Owen Mumford needed a prototype to demonstrate their product's capability for an event. At Tappable, I worked on tight deadlines and budgets to adapt, create and deliver design assets to our internal dev team on time.

One of the issues was having to work from a previously existing design file that had to be converted from Adobe XD to Sketch. There was no simple way of importing one to the other, so I had to recreate, iterate and adapt the design, simplifying steps and making user experience improvements along the way.

Ultimately, as this needed to be a functional prototype app with a deadline just around the corner, there wasn't a major focus on how the app looked, so long as it worked impeccably.

Challenge #1



Designing, prototyping, developing on fast track mode.

Challenge #2



Complex UX, with many steps and guides.

Challenge #3



Hardware still in development, no possibility of testing.

Challenge #4



Controlled prototype distribution to only specific users.

The Solutions

All teams involved worked on solving the pain points of Aidaptus through thorough requirements management and identification, design iteration, testing, out-of-the-box thinking and more testing.

Solution #1

Solution #1


Delivered in weeks, not months

Tappable have rapidly analysed requirements and figured out a strategy to meet tight and challenging deadlines. This meant, that as a product designer, I had to work fast and efficiently to deliver quality design assets as soon as possible.

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aidaptus ui screensaidaptus onboarding screensaidaptus ui screensaidaptus ready for injection screens

Solution #2

Solution #2

Flow mapping & usability


Together with the project manager, we mapped out the user flows and the vast amount of information patients need to input into the app and we came up with a streamlined plan route to delivery.

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aidaptus wireframesaidaptus ui screens

Solution #3

Solution #3


Working closely with the project manager and internal dev teams

A connected app to a piece of hardware still in development can often mean moving goalposts. Working closely with the project manager and dev teams, I was able to react promptly to any change of plans.

This often meant adapting designs to any changes, as well as keeping the Zeplin files updated with the latest amends for the dev teams to work on.

aidaptus zeplin file collaborators
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Solution #4

Solution #4


Access management

Using an off-the-shelf distribution tooling, Tappable managed who can, can’t and for how long they were given access to the prototype.

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Product Roadmap

Working directly with the internal developing team was hugely beneficial for feedback and support, whilst making sure design deadlines were consistently met and assets were delivered efficiently and on time.

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User Journeys

Before the app was designed, we created user flows to evaluate the patients’ precise steps for injecting and to understand how we could simplify their journey to help them administer their drugs easily and efficiently.

This helped us identify some necessary steps in drug administration tracking, and special consideration was given to the calendar feature, whilst removing other less important details to make it easier for them to use the app.

This also helped me to create detailed UI screens later on in the design process.

aidaptus user journeysaidaptus wireframes


All UI and visual design assets were created in Sketch and uploaded to Zeplin for internal developers. This allowed easy access to all stakeholders involved to view, comment, inspect and download assets directly from the design file.

man looking at mobile with aidaptus appaidaptus zeplin codeaidaptus zeplin filesman looking at mobile with aidaptus app

Personal Insights

Owen Mumford’s Aidaptus injector app was challenging to design due to the complexity of steps and schedules tracking feature, as well as the time constraints and fast turnaround for the project.

However, working directly with the internal dev team at Tappable allowed us to connect and support each other with immediate feedback and iteration to deliver this product in good time.

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