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Designing smarter automated invoice-chasing

Project Overview

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Paycada is a fintech web app owned by Fignum, a leading developer of cloud-based software solutions for the financial sector in the UK. It specialises in digital payment processing and technology that powers automated lending decisions, from mortgages and loans to car finance.

Fignum is part of Bluestone, which offers financial services such as credit management, credit control, specialist lending, capital management and direct debt recovery.

Fignum approached Tappable in 2020 to provide creative and strategic direction in bringing Paycada to life: a new fintech product that automatically chases overdue invoices for businesses and offers easy payment solutions for debtors.

I was tasked with this project from the beginning, and 3 years later, as the lead designer on Paycada and brand guardian, I created various design assets from product to marketing and print to marketing websites:

- Brand pack

- A web app

- Digital assets

- Marketing materials

- E-books and other printed material

- Landing pages

- Websites

App Features

Paycada was developed as an add-on tool with multiple communication channels, analytics and reporting tools for customers. It was designed to integrate seamlessly with other invoicing software solutions, mainly Xero. It’s packed full of powerful features with the following offerings:

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Automated collection of invoices

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Automated multi-channel communications platform

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Automated communication with debtors

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An extension to existing finance software

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Easy-to-use payment portal (card, direct debit)

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Escalation to debt collection services

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Self-service, cloud-based, easy to set up

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Management of customers

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Management of users

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Company branding customisation

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Invoice collection analytics

Designing a complex financial platform

The Challenges

From the beginning, it became clear that Paycada was no ordinary project, requiring multiple design solutions, digital assets and a tight set of requirements, to produce them all.

After a deep analysis of the product requirements, Tappable have constructed a thorough product plan and vision, from branding and product design to launch. For this to happen, a few things had to be considered:

Challenge #1



Creating a brand that stands out and appeals to businesses of all sizes.

Challenge #2


Web App

Designing a complex finance product without sacrificing UX.

Challenge #3



Designing, developing and launching a website for a product still in development.

Challenge #4



Designing marketing materials for various audiences and marketing channels.

The Solutions

All teams involved working on Paycada have contributed greatly on solving the pain points of designing, creating and launching a product of such scale.

Through proper requirements identification, user journeys and flows, design iteration, testing, marketing and innovation, Paycada was launched in late 2022 and it continues to grow today.

Solution #1

Solution #1


Creating a brand that stands out and appeals to businesses of all sizes

Creating a brand for Paycada was kickstarted by understanding the market and its competitors and coming in with a new offering that appeals to small businesses.

Based on user research, competitor analysis, and audience personas, we created a brand that customers could trust.

Solution #2

Solution #2


Designing a complex product without sacrificing UX

The truth is, nobody likes to be chased for money they owe and not a lot of employees love doing it either. My role as a product designer was to consider the technical scope and complexities of the entire platform, ensuring and advocating for an excellent user experience.

By employing a holistic design approach across all parts of the app, the ultimate goal of the platform was to offer enhanced ease of use for customers to automate their invoice chasing.

The web app needed to have:

An easy-to-use customer payment portal

Debtors should be able to follow a payment link from their email, mobile notification or text message and pay any overdue invoices in an easy to use payment portal.

An easy self-service onboarding

Customers should be able to sign up to Paycada and go trough the onboarding process easily without friction and multi-step processes.

Customer analytics

Customers of Paycada should be able to view open invoices, paid invoices, overdue invoices, past and upcoming actions and communications sent.

User management

Customers of Paycada should be able to maintain organisations with multiple users and be able to add and delete users on the platform.

Payments and refunds

Customers of Paycada should be able to view payments to the platform and ask for refunds if they so wish.

Solution #3

Solution #3


Creating a website for a product still in development

Early on in my relationship with Paycada as a product designer, I was tasked with creating the Paycada website, from initial ideas and wireframes to visual designs and finally developing the website in Webflow.

I explored many different graphics, layouts and styles and the website has had several transformations over the last 3 years and many concepts and digital assets were created for it.

Solution #4

Solution #4


Designing digital assets for various audiences and marketing channels

Understanding Paycada’s audiences, public target and marketing goals, allowed us to have a more precise profile of the motivations and interests of Paycada’s users and how they would interact with the platform.

During my time working on this project, I created countless marketing campaign assets for both digital and print.

Product Roadmap

As a lead designer working within a talented internal team both at Tappable and Paycada, I had help with documenting requirements criteria and roadmap project management from the project manager and business analyst.

Together we worked to ensure deadlines were consistently met and assets were delivered efficiently and on time.

Paycada was developed over two years, and launched in late 2022, with various marketing campaigns and digital assets created in-between.

User Journeys

While designing the Paycada app, we created detailed user flows and journeys for each new section of the app in Whimsical, to evaluate the customers’ precise steps and to understand how we could simplify their journey to help them achieve their most important goals with the product.

During the process, my team and I went through each area of the app, sometimes multiple times and assessed where opportunity lies to reduce steps, as well as iterating on how the user experience can be optimised for customers.

This also helped greatly in creating detailed UI screens later on in the design process.


At the beginning of the ideation and design process, we created low-res wireframes to model the general flow of user navigation. These served the team to quickly asses what features and layouts we should adopt on the screen.

After discussing the features and layouts of each section of the app, I then built high-fidelity wireframes for our multiple stakeholders, including the development team. They needed to have a near-finalised version of the app, so they could evaluate and test with the user, outside of Tappable. All of these wireframes were created in Sketch.

Later steps included iterating over the UI experience to optimise functionality and reduce unnecessary UI elements to the wireframes.

Final Designs

The Paycada web app was finally launched in late 2022 and it contained several powerful features and app areas:

1. Customer Payment Portal

2. Manual and Self-Servicing Onboarding

3. Customers: Details, Overdue Invoices, Payments, Upcoming and Past Actions

4. User Management

5. Brand Customisation


All UI and visual design assets were created in Sketch and uploaded to Zeplin, which allowed easy access for all stakeholders involved to view, comment, inspect and download assets directly from the design file.

Personal Insights

Paycada is the most technically complex product design project I’ve worked on and it continues to be so to this day. It has allowed me to gain solid knowledge and understanding of the research, marketing and development strategy that is needed to launch a product of such scale.

Moreover, it was great to be part of a highly talented team that was committed to taking a product from its first stage of development to launch.

Ultimately, it made me a better product designer and taught me a great number of skills: creating and managing design systems, creating and managing consistent UI components, as well as creating an information architecture that supports the technical complexities of the platform.

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